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The Sommelier's Guide to Wine : A Primer for Selecting, Serving, and Savoring Wine Name:The Sommelier's Guide to Wine : A Primer for Selecting, Serving, and Savoring Wine
Release:20 October, 2003
Manufacturer:Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers

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I'm just beginning my real introduction to the world of wine. I say real, because I have been enjoying wine (red, mostly) for the better part of eighteen years. However, I have never gotten more serious than having a very limited knowledge of grapes and particular blends. For example, I knew of Cabernet Sauvignon, the regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy, Chardonnay, and eventually came to hear of Merlot. Six years ago, I saw Cabernet Franc in a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and was excited there was another grape of which I had not heard. Soon after that, it was Shiraz. Then something happened in the last six months - perhaps it was tiring of drinking cheap wine (Charles Shaw) - I decided to spend the extra money and branch out. I started talking to sommeliers at restaurants and stores, asking questions, and while I have only grazed the surface on what there is to know about the breathtaking enormity of the world of wine, my knowledge has increased notably. Part of t! he reason for that is this little book. I picked it up at a retailer (sorry Amazon!) because I noticed it on the shelf and it had a very inexpensive price tag. Flipping through the pages, I realized this had some good information in it - enough at first glance to justify spending a small sum. That small sum has paid dividends. While the title is pretentious, the book itself is not. It begins by introducing us to the world of wine, describing what wine is, the grapes that are used to make wine, different wine styles, and then gets more specific, describing specific wines: dry white wine; semi-sweet white wine; pink wine; dry red wine; sparkling wine; sweet wine; and fortified wine. While the descriptions of each are brief, they do an excellent job of covering the essentials. From there the book moves into "How to Taste", and unlocks the mysteries of what we are supposed to look for in wine. Most people that want to seem like they know what they are doing in a restaurant me! rely embarrass themselves. For example, they sniff the cork in! stead of squeezing it, or slush the wine around in the glass when poured for the initial taste as if they are trying to set a speed record. This section tells us how to do it more properly. It also discusses tastes, aromas, flavors, and textures. What is an example of a "chewy" wine? Cabernet Sauvignon, because it is dry, full bodied, and strong, with a smooth beginning that (if the wine is of good quality) explodes on the palate with perhaps four or five distinct flavors, and then finishes rough. Chewy refers to it being full bodied. Heavy in the mouth. There is a very instructive and well-organized section on wines by grape type. Each major grape (every grape in the world isn't listed - if it were, it would fill the whole book) is listed, and is characterized with this information: Usual wine style; Intensity; Aromas/Flavors; Acidity; Texture; Tannin; Wood; Foods; Cooking styles; and the Principal Regions that wine is grown in. The above hardly sounds like something useful to a ! Sommelier, does it? But that's only the first 30 pages. After that is where the real fun begins. All of the areas of production are covered exhaustively for such a small tome (e.g., the U.S. France, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Italy, Spain, etc.). There is a section on ordering wine in the restaurant, then combing wine with food, and finally how to buy. I love this book. It is an excellent introduction.
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A sommelier is a waiter in a restaurant who specializes in wine. Their principal task is to suggest a wine which will accompany well a particular menu, or perhaps a particular course. Because of the perception of wine, especially amongst fine diners, as a central tenet of a meal, the position of a sommelier is arguably as important as that of chef de cuisine. It could be argued that a system of commission, or a general attachment to a restaurant, may influence the suggestions of an in-house sommelier - that is to say, they will always suggest the higher priced wine. This is true in some instances, perhaps, but the dedicated and professional sommelier will always respect the customer's original parameters and will do their best to offer them the most suitable wine within both financial and personal restraints.Sommeliers are also usually responsible for the selection and purchase of the restaurant's wine list.The Court of Master Sommeliers certifies a tiny fraction of the fine! st sommeliers as "Master Sommelier," a title equivalent to Master of Wine.

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