Scotch whisky

Scotch whisky[Alcoholic beverages]
Disney's Lilo & Stitch Hawaiian Adventure Name:Disney's Lilo & Stitch Hawaiian Adventure
Release:31 May, 2002
Manufacturer:Disney Interactive

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ok, i gotta be honest its sooo easy but its fun while it lasts. you can play over and over and it would still seem intresting. you get ride your bike and have to follow the driving rules. but the rest of the games are pretty original and simple. like when you have to serve the guests, thats pretty hard but other than that its too easy its still a good game for a 6 or 7 year old but not for a 12 year old like me. hehehehehe:-)
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Scotch whisky, often called simply Scotch, is a distilled beverage|distilled spirit made in Scotland. (Generally, though not always, the Scottish, Japanese and Canadian spirits are spelled "whisky"; the Irish and American ones "whiskey"). The name ''whisky'' is a transformation of the word ''usquebaugh'', itself a transformation of the Scottish Gaelic language|Scottish Gaelic ''uisge beatha'' spelled ''uisce beatha'' in Irish language|Irish Gaelic, literally meaning the "water of life".Scotch whisky is divided into at least 3 distinct categories: Single Malt Scotch|Single Malt, blended whiskey|Blended and Vatted malt|Vatted.

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Just Scotch Whisky
Sells Scotch whisky (blends and malts) and whisky chocolates. On-line orderingand detailed information on whisky production and classifica...

Whisky et distilleries d'Ecosse - Scotch - Whisky distilleries in ...
rmations sur les distilleries ?cossaises et leurs whisky. Histoire etfabrication du whisky, notes de d?gustation, forum et photos de distille...

Aberlour Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Aberlour. You must be of legal drinking age in the country where you access thisSite in order to enter. By entering, you agree to our Terms of Use and to ourPrivacy Policy. Do not load this page next ...

Whisky-Guide. Alles ?ber Scotch Malt Whisky.
rund um den Whisky. Single Scotch Malts: Wie Whisky gemacht wird, woherschottische Whiskies kommen und wie sie schme...

Blackadder Whiskies
Blackadder spent a week in Japan to visit Whisky Live and Shops and Whisky barsin Tokyo. Whisky Live, Tokyo was held at a futuristic new venue ... Bottle yourown cask. Do you have a cask of Scotch Whisky that you would like to bottle...

Scotch Whisky shop - Scotchwhiskyworld's online store
Scotch whisky shop where you can buy direct from Scotland keenly priced malts,blends and other types of whiskies (inlcuding Irish whi...

Scotch single malt whisky, distilleries, reviews, tasting notes ...
Reviews and information about Scotch single malt whisky, distilleries, and travelin Scot...

The Macallan ? - Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky
The Macallan Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky. Enjoy storytelling over a glassor two of our favourite malt wh...

The Scotch Connoisseur Page
I started drinking Single Malt Scotch about 8 years ago. I'm not certain, but Ithink it started when I had a ... Note, Scotch Whisky connoisseurship is not asfinely honed as that of wine, and many distillers don't care to admit tha...

AN QUAICH, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society of Canada
Information about society events, whiskies, whisky making process, and how todrink and taste wh...

Cutty Sark :: Home
Origins, sponsored events and g...

Highland Park - Single Malt Scotch Whisky
The most northerly distillery in the w...

Scotch whisky - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
To legally be called Scotch whisky, the spirit must conform to the standards ofthe Scotch Whisky Act 1988, ... The distillate must age for at least 3 years tobe called Scotch whisky, although most single malts are offered at a minimu...

Glenfiddich, the world's favourite single malt Scotch whisky. ... GlenfiddichSINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY. WELCOME TO GLENFIDDICH UK. GLENFIDDICH MEDIA CENTRE ·Access to our latest press releases and online image library...

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New World Syndrome

New World Syndrome[Diseases]
Military Operations Other Than War in the New World Order: An Analysis of Joint Doctrine for the Coming Era Name:Military Operations Other Than War in the New World Order: An Analysis of Joint Doctrine for the Coming Era
Manufacturer:Storming Media

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New World Syndrome is a set of noncommunicable diseases brought on by consumption of junk food|rich food. Native American|Native Americans, the indigenous people of Oceania and perhaps other peoples of Asiatic origin are susceptible. It is characterized by obesity, heart disease, diabetes and shortened life span, and, of course, by a change from a traditional diet and exercise to a modern diet and a sedentary lifestyle.It is hypothesized that the syndrome has a genetic basis resulting from an enhanced ability to store fat. The reasoning is that a population stressed by famine would tend to develop this ability. Such a population, exposed to an abundance of rich food would then be at risk from conditions which are associated with obesity.Evidence found through the study of mitochondrial DNA suggests that there are several factors at play. Subjects of maternal descent from the above named indigenous populations have several genetic factors that provide more efficient conversi! on of some classes of carbohydrates into ATP. There is also indication that cellular responses to injury, muscular efficiency, and other metabolic differences may set the stage for other factors to cause the symptoms of the syndrome.Increased rates of depression are known to produce higher rates of obesity through decreased physical activity. Coupled with a more efficient metabolism this could be a major cause of NWS symptoms within population groups of e.g. native American descent. As with all studies of the genetic underpinnings of anthropologically diverse groups, the individual circumstances may differ from case to case.

See also

* starvation gene

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Domaine de la Romanée Conti

Domaine de la Romanée Conti[wine]
Moby: Roman (Domaine fran??ais) Name:Moby: Roman (Domaine fran??ais)
Manufacturer:Actes sud

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Uveitis: A Colour Manual of Diagnosis and Treatment (Colour Manuals in Ophthalmology) Name:Uveitis: A Colour Manual of Diagnosis and Treatment (Colour Manuals in Ophthalmology)
Release:November, 1987

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Uveitis specifically refers to inflammation of the middle layer of the eye, termed the "uvea" but in common usage may refer to any inflammatory process involving the interior of the eye.Uveitis is estimated to be responsible for approximately 10% of the blindness in the United States. Uveitis requires a thorough examination by an ophthalmologist.

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Indoor air quality

Indoor air quality[Health care]
PIONAIR Photocatalytic Ionizing Air Treatment System, 750 sq. ft. Name:PIONAIR Photocatalytic Ionizing Air Treatment System, 750 sq. ft.
Manufacturer:HealthQuest Technologies, LLC

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:''For FAQs written about fake video games also abbreviated as "IAQ," see Infrequently Asked Questions.''
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) deals with the health and comfort of the air inside buildings. The IAQ may be compromised by microbial contaminants (mold, bacterium|bacteria), chemicals, allergens, or any mass or energy stressor that can affect the heath of people or animals. Often the perception is that outdoor air is polluted, but indoor air is acceptable. Many studies and experience show that this isn't always the case.The topic of IAQ has become popular due to the greater awareness of health problems caused by mold and triggers to asthma and allergies. Awareness has also been increased by the involvement of the Environmental Protection Agency. They have developed an "IAQ Tools for Schools" program to help improve the indoor environmental conditions in educational institutions (see external link below). The problems stemming from poor indoor air quality has created an industry of consultants specializing in diagnosing, remediating and preventing IAQ complaints. Professiona! ls are often trained or certified by organizations such as the American Industrial Hygiene Association, American Indoor Air Quality Council, Indoor Environmental Institute, Indoor Air Quality Association, and the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization. These consultants perform an IAQ property assessment that may include taking measurements and samples of the air or surfaces inside the building. Instrumentation should be calibrated and samples should be sent to an independent, accredited laboratry. AIHA and A2LA both offer laboratory accreditation programs that relate to indoor air quality.

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Zauschneria[American actor]
Studies on the morphology of the Onagraceae: V. Zauschneria latifolia, typical of a genus characterized by irregular embryology (New York Academy of Sciences. Annals) Name:Studies on the morphology of the Onagraceae: V. Zauschneria latifolia, typical of a genus characterized by irregular embryology (New York Academy of Sciences. Annals)
Manufacturer:New York Academy of Sciences

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Zauschneria (''Epilobium canum'') is a species of Epilobium|willowherb, native to dry slopes and in chaparral of western North America. It is a perennial plant, notable for the profusion of bright scarlet flowers in late summer and autumn. The name reflects that in the past it used to be treated in a distinct genus ''Zauschneria'', but modern studies have shown that it is best placed within the genus ''Epilobium''. Other common names include California-fuchsia (from the resemblance of the flowers to those of Fuchsias), hummingbird flower, and hummingbird trumpet (the flowers are very attractive to hummingbirds).It is a subshrub growing to 60 cm tall. Native populations of these plants exhibit considerable variation in appearance and habit. The small leaf|leaves may be opposite or alternate, lance-shaped or ovate, with short to nonexistent stalks, and range in color from green to nearly white. Overall shape may be matting or mounding, the plants commonly spreading via rhizom! es. The racemes of tubular or funnel-shaped flowers are terminal, and colors are mostly reddish, ranging from fuchsia to pink to red-orange.The wide degree of variation has led to the description of many subspecies, mostly no longer recognised as distinct due to the extansive intergradation between them; the following are still recognised:
*''Epilobium canum'' subsp. ''canum'' (synonymy|syn. subsp. ''angustifolia'', subsp. ''microphylla'')
*''Epilobium canum'' subsp. ''garrettii''
*''Epilobium canum'' subsp. ''latifolium''The closely related species ''Epilobium septentrionale'' (Northern Willowherb) was also formerly treated in the genus ''Zauschneria''.


As befits their origin, they prefer to be cultivated in well-drained soil exposed to full sun but protected from the wind, and need little watering.A small number of hybrid cultivars have been introduced by various growers, in some cases by working from isolated populations, such as those on Santa Cruz Island off the California coast.The plant is named after Johann Baptista Josef Zauschner (1737-1799), a professor of medicine and botany in Prague.

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Château Branaire-Ducru

Château Branaire-Ducru[wine]
Word of Science 1st & Final Ch Name:Word of Science 1st & Final Ch
Release:22 November, 2000

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Buy and then kiss my face! No, really, you'll want to. Its a blinder, eclectic, electric, and....erm ectreclic for all i know too. Very hard to come by, but well worth it. Production might sound a bit iffy by todays standards but the ambience is one of unlimited possibilites, of free-wheeling genre blendage, and of real freshness. The kind of expansive, imaginative album that knows its creating something pretty new. Dextrous- belter, BASS! Coming Down- funkay Playtime- warms my nether regions. Biofeedback- errrm, BASS! This is superior to their later "oooh lets make a album themed around smoking weed, te he he" type releases, which are fine but far less adventurous and layered, and more basic Chill Out comp fare. Still, if thats your bag, you could buy them, or alternatively get a life.
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Royal Wine Company

Royal Wine Company[wine]
Water Music: Horn Suite in F Major ; the Musick for the Royal Fireworks Name:Water Music: Horn Suite in F Major ; the Musick for the Royal Fireworks
Manufacturer:Decca Record Company

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The Royal Wine Company, also known as Kedem, is a Kosher food manufacturing and distribution company, incorporated in the United States for the last fifty years, and run by the Herzog family since 1848. First operating as a winery in Czechoslovakia, the winery was the exclusive wine supplier to Emperor Franz Joseph, who granted one of the early Herzogs the title of ''Baron''. Though the wines for the emperor were not necessarily Kosher wines, all of the other wines were produced under the full scrutiny of Kosher law.During World War II, the winery was seized by the Nazis. The Herzogs, who stayed in hiding, immigrated to the United States after the 1948 Communist takeover of Czechoslovakia. Living in New York City, Eugene Herzog began working for the Royal Wine Company; and part of his salary was paid in company shares. By 1958, he was a majority stockholder and purchased the company and named it Kedem.The Royal Wine Company is the leader in the Kosher beverage industry, and ! imports foods from around the world. It is especially known for the Baron Herzog Varietals line of wines, as well as Kedem Tea Biscuits.
The company also retains the exclusive United States distribution rights for several Israeli wines and spirits.The Herzog Varietals, are Kosher versions of various popular wines, including Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Several of these have won various wine competitions. The company was also part of a collaboration that created the first kosher Rothschild wine, in 1988.The Royal Wine Company currently sells over a million cases of wine and grape juice annually, in sixteen countries worldwide. Formerly headquartered in New York City, it is now based in Bayonne, New Jersey.

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Selenocysteine[Health care]
Selenium influences the turnover of selenocysteine tRNA([Ser]Sec) in Chinese hamster ovary cells : An article from: The Journal of Nutrition Name:Selenium influences the turnover of selenocysteine tRNA([Ser]Sec) in Chinese hamster ovary cells : An article from: The Journal of Nutrition
Release:12 September, 2005
Manufacturer:American Institute of Nutrition

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Selenocysteine is an amino acid that is present in several enzymes (for example glutathione peroxidases, tetraiodothyronine 5 deiodinase|tetraiodothyronine 5' deiodinases, thioredoxin reductases, formate dehydrogenases, glycine reductases and some hydrogenases). Selenocysteine has a structure similar to cysteine, but with an atom of selenium taking the place of the usual sulfur. Proteins that include a selenocysteine residue are called selenoproteins.Unlike other amino acids present in biological proteins, however, it is not coded for directly in the genetic code. Selenocysteine is encoded in a special way by a UGA codon, which is normally a stop codon. The UGA codon is made to encode selenocysteine by the presence of a SECIS element (SElenoCysteine Insertion Sequence) in the mRNA. The SECIS element is defined by characteristic nucleotide sequences and secondary structure base-pairing patterns. In eubacteria, the SECIS element is located immediately following the UGA cod! on within the reading frame for the selenoprotein. In archaea and in eukaryotes, the SECIS element is in the 3' UTR|3' untranslated region (3' UTR) of the mRNA, and can direct multiple UGA codons to encode selenocysteine residues. When cells are grown in the absence of selenium, translation of selenoproteins terminates at the UGA codon, resulting in a truncated, nonfunctional enzyme.Like the other amino acids used by cells, selenocysteine has a specialized tRNA. The primary and secondary structure of selenocysteine tRNA, tRNA(Sec), differ from those of standard tRNAs in several respects, most notably in having an 8-base (bacteria) or 9-base (eukaryotes) pair acceptor stem, a long variable region arm, and substitutions at several well-conserved base positions. The selenocysteine tRNAs are initially charged with serine by seryl-tRNA ligase, but the resulting Ser-tRNA(Sec) is not used for translation because it is not recognised by the normal translation factor (EF-Tu in ba! cteria, EF1alpha in eukaryotes). Rather, the tRNA-bound seryl ! residue is converted to a selenocysteyl-residue by the pyridoxal phosphate-containing enzyme selenocysteine synthase. Finally, the resulting Sec-tRNA(Sec) is specifically bound to an alternative translational elongation factor (SelB or mSelB) which delivers it in a targeted manner to the ribosomes translating mRNAs for selenoproteins. The specificity of this delivery mechanism is brought about by the presence of an extra protein domain (in bacterial SelB) or an extra subunit (SBP-2 for eukaryotic mSelB) which bind to the corresponding RNA secondary structures formed by the SecIS elements in selenoprotein mRNAs. The SecIS elements of bacterial selenoproteins (as far as analysed) are located within the coding sequences immediately following the UGA codons for selenocysteine, those of Eukarya and Archaea are located in the 3' UTR of the respective mRNAs. In addition, at least one case has been described for an archaeal selenoprotein mRNA containing its SecIS in the 5' UTR.

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Dry county

Dry county[Alcoholic beverages]
Lender takes over Heritage office park. (Dollar Dry Dock Bank forecloses on Heritage Development Corp.'s business park) : An article from: Westchester County Business Journal Name:Lender takes over Heritage office park. (Dollar Dry Dock Bank forecloses on Heritage Development Corp.'s business park) : An article from: Westchester County Business Journal
Release:01 June, 2005
Manufacturer:Westfair Communications, Inc.

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A dry county is a county in the United States whose government forbids the sale of alcoholic beverages. Dry counties are predominantly a feature of the American South. Smaller jurisdictions exist which prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages as well, such as dry towns.

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defective yeti: Dry County
defective yeti: The Musings of Matthew Baldwin, Pretty Okay...

Dry county - аккорды песни ( Bon Jovi )
ды и табулатуры к песням для гитары. Dry county - аккорды песни ( Bon J...

Bon Jovi Dry County lyrics @ Taborama.com - tablature and lyrics
Bon Jovi Dry County lyrics and thousands of guitar tab, bass tab, drum tab,keyboard tab, piano tab, power tab, and lyrics for thousands of b...

Uncommon Ground ^ Dry County Alice
Uncommon Ground ^ Dry County Alice ... Uncommon Ground Past Show Dates. 2000-03-18,Ticklepenny Corner · Tamara Pierce · Radio Hour · Dry County Alice · Jennifer Peterson.1999-12-03, Dry County Alice · Radio Hour · Jennifer Peterso...

Rascal Flatts - Dry County Girl Lyrics
Rascal Flatts Lyrics - Dry County Girl Lyrics / Rascal Flatts - Dry County Girl Ly...

"Dry" County Traffic Crashes
A study of about 39000 alcohol-related traffic accidents in wet compared todry (prohibition) counties in Kentucky found that a higher proportion of drycounties' residents are involved in such cra...

Revised 08/19/2005 001 ADAIR DRY 041 GRANT LIMITED 002 ALLEN DRY ...
イプ: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - HTMLバージョンWet city located in a dry county. LIMITED. = 19. City or county voted wet underKRS 242.185(6) for sales of alcohol by the ... The County of Oldham. The Countyof Shelby. Total = 19. MOIST. Refers to wet cities located in dry counties...

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Haiku[Japanese terms]
Haikus for Jews : For You, a Little Wisdom Name:Haikus for Jews : For You, a Little Wisdom
Release:07 September, 1999

Usually ships in 24 hours

The author of this priceless gem (okay, it does have a price, but there you are) says in his foreword, 'Of all the many forms of Jewish-Japanese poetry, the Jewish haiku is perhaps the most sublimely beautiful.' Haiku is an art form that can be sublime, but the sublime often leads to the ridiculous.David Bader succeeds in both of these, and more, with wit, poignancy, and grace (and perhaps more than a few gefilte fish). Five thousand years a wandering people - then we found the cabanas. Some of the haiku illustrate history, sociology, psychology, and the propensity for retirement in sunny climates.Others are a bit more universal in scope, as I found myself illustrated in the following: Hard to tell under the lights - white yarmulke or male-pattern baldness? From this he makes a living?Bader claims that this is the eternal question when people see the kinds of things he writes.And of course, the answer would have to found in a haiku somewhere.Perhaps under a cabana. As ! this is a book for people in a hurry, it should appeal to people everywhere, Jewish and goyim alike.A perfect gift!
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:''This is the article on the ancient Japanese form of poetry. For the BeOS open-source re-creation project, see Haiku (operating system). For the town in Hawaii, see Haiku-Pauwela, Hawaii.''Haiku (俳句) is one of the most important modes of Japanese poetry, a late 19th century revision by Masaoka Shiki of the old ''hokku'', the opening verse of a linked verse form, ''haikai no renga''. A traditional hokku consists of a pattern of approximately 5, 7, and 5 ''Mora (linguistics)|morae'', phonetic units which only loosely correspond to the syllables of Western languages. It also contains a special ''season'' word—the ''kigo''—descriptive of the season in which the hokku was set. Hokku often combine different elements into a unified sensory impression, with a pause (the ''kireji'' or "cutting word") at the end of either the first five or second seven morae. Although rarely broken by Japanese hokku poets, these rules are often broken in the later, more! "free-form" haiku movement, both in Japanese language|Japanese and in other languages.

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DayPoems: A Seven-Century Poetry Slam * 2703 lines of verse * www ...
Australian Secondary Schools English Resource Page · Author Index to Haiku Poemson the Internet ... Kimmel, Larry - Blue Pulse · Kimmy''s Poetry Corner · Kimpang,Carolyn G. Uy - Ramblings · Kim''s Haiku Corner · Kim''s Haiku Worl...

lesen, Haiku schreiben, Haiku verstehen, die Welt sehen wie sie wirklich...

Haiku Books: A Bibliography of Books
イプ: Rich Text Format - HTMLバージョンKimmel, Larry. Alone Tonight: Haiku, Tanka & Other Sudden Lyrics. Coalrain, MA:Winfred Press, 1998. ... A Net of Fireflies: An Anthology of 320 Japanese Haikuin English Verse. Rutland, VT: Charles E. Tuttle Company, 1960...

Winfred Press homepage
Winfred Press: A haiku and tanka friendly press,(our haiku bumper stickers - waycool!), of contemporary American poetry. ... It began in 1993 as writer LarryKimmel's desktop publishing business and self-published poetry chapbooks...

El Rinc?n del Haiku
ta de poes?a en espa?ol dedicada al haiku jap...

Tom's Poetry: Christmas Haiku
Minimal Christmas poems from the Japanese tradition of h...

An Introduction to Haiku
"200 Best Haiku of Japanese Literature." An interesting selection, in variable translations. Just a touch sentimental here and t...

All About Robert Kimmel Smith at Young Adult Books Central
Guji Guji, Gutsy Girls: Young Women Who Dare, Haiku: Travelers of Eternity,Hairstyles of the Damned ... Robert Kimmel Smith. Books by this Author. Click thebook title to get all information and resources on the site related to tha...

Haiku D'etat, 24 Oct 2004 http://www.projectblowed.com/ ... Haiku D'etat 2004-10-24 (8images). Sounds:. 1. "Freestyle #1". 2. "Freestyle #2". 3. "Freestyle #3". 4."Mike, Aaron, and Eddie". 5. "All Good Things". 6. "Freestyle #4"...

tangerine antho
Short verse forms deriving from the haiku and tanka tradition, edited by Larry Ki...

Interactive Haiku Home Page
#39;s a Haiku about her: Mitzi is my dog She likes to chew on bones Her sister's Penny"; Jenna Lasich <plasich@ilhawaii.net> ... "HAIKU PART DEUX: Gently diving, frollicing, Sometimes effervescing. Tears flow for Such short-lived life...

Haiku D'Etat: Vinyl/Records, CD, MP3
Shop for Haiku D'Etat music, vinyl, records, cd. ... galicomm2004 Lovely trackfrom hip hop legend Del, backed with Haiku D'Etat (Aceyalone and Mikah 9 fromthe Freestyle Fellowship and Abstract Rude of Abstract Tribe Unique) and guest...

UGO.com Music: Haiku D'Etat - Coup De Theatre Review
You don't have to look any further than their name, however, to see that HaikuD'Etat is not the typical hip-hop group. ... Grandmaster Flash led the firstrevolution with "The Message," and Haiku D'Etat attempts here a "Poetry Takeove...

EDSITEment - Lesson Plan
In this lesson, students learn the rules and conventions of haiku, study examples by Japanese masters, ... Drawing on the students' observations, provide an outline of the main rules for writing haiku, as explained at Haiku by Basho an...

Haiku d'Etat - Last.fm
Last.fm is a free service that builds up a detailed profile of your musical taste,finds similar users, and provides personalised streaming r...

All About Elizabeth Cody Kimmel at Young Adult Books Central
Guji Guji, Gutsy Girls: Young Women Who Dare, Haiku: Travelers of Eternity,Hairstyles of the Damned, Halibut Jackson ... Elizabeth Cody Kimmel. Books bythis Author. Click the book title to get all information and resources on the sit...

HAIKU D'ETAT - Ha?ku d'Etat -album- POPNEWS NOVEMBRE 2000
D'ETAT - Ha?ku d'Etat Point de r?f?rence absolu, pierre philosophale duhip hop, Project Blowed ne cesse d'enfanter. Pour preuve cet album d'Haiku d'Etatqui, plus de 5 ans apr?s sa sortie, perp?tue le forme et l'esprit de l...

Haiku Cupboard
Haiku Cupboard contains a variety of poetry and fiction with definitions, examples, links, writer's tools and b...

shiki.archive.9905: SHIKI-- New Haibun Anthology from Press Here
Clausen, David Cobb, Marje A. Dyck, Larry Kimmel, Antoinette Libro, Tom Lynch,Brynne McAdoo, Sally Secor, ... Dylan Welch, a history of haibun in English byCor van den Heuvel, and an essay on writing haibun by Rich Youmans...

Haiku D'Etat :: Coup De Theatre :: Decon/Project Blowed
Haiku D'Etat is a group composed of three members - Aceyalone, Mikah 9, andAbstract Rude - three lines, three MC's. ... With so many things going for HaikuD'Etat, it's almost hard to find fault with this album...

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Mezcal[Alcoholic beverages]
Mezcal Head Name:Mezcal Head
Release:12 October, 1993

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I know I heard some tracks off their 1st LP 'Raise', but hearing my local alternative station play 'Duel' made 'Mezcal Head' the first Swervedriver album in my collection. They have since become my favourite band; and trust me, I don't geek out over many groups. Stand-out tracks on this album are... well... every single one! If by chance you've never heard of Swervedriver... BUY THIS CD!!! ...and get 'Raise' too if you can. But if I had to pick only one to take for that deserted island question, it would be this, just from the better production and clearer sound. All of Swervedriver's stuff has recently gone out of print, so the only easy one to get now is the new anthology 'Juggernaut Rides' which is a great cross-section of their music and includes many of their best b-sides, and a few unreleased songs. And NO ONE makes better b-sides then Swervedriver, only The Cure comes close. Find out why so many music critics call these guys the most underrated group of the 90's, buy! 'Mezcal Head'! Then you'll know why everyone reviewing this album is giving it 5-stars.
CustomerReview by amazon


:''For the plant, see Parry Agave'' Mezcal is a Mexico|Mexican distilled spirits|spirit made from the agave plant. There are many different types of agaves, and each produces a slightly different mezcal. Agave is part of the Agavaceae family, also called maguey. Tequila is a mezcal made only from the blue agave plant in the region around Tequila, Jalisco.

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Crillon Importers Ltd.- Talapa Mezcal
Crillon Importers Ltd, an importer and marketer, dedicated to pouring the finestwines and spirits from around the w...

Mezcal-Pulque- www.mexique-voyage.com -
L : Il est d'abord un mythe. Le PULQUE : Anciennement appel? O...

AOL CityGuide: - Denver - Mezcal - Restaurant
... no place in town offers anything quite like the uniquely pop-art experienceprovided by Colfax's Mezcal. Located across from the Bluebird Theater (and partlyunder the same ownership), Mezcal feels like a tequila-fuele...

Review: Mezcal | Outside Online
IN THE ZAPOTEC Indian village of Chichicapa, in the Mexican state of Oaxaca andabout four hours from the tourist haven of Oaxaca City, Faustino Garcia Vasquez,38, distills mezcal following his f...

Mezcal - a photoset on Flickr
Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing applicationin the world. Show off your favorite photos to the world, securely and privatelyshow photos to your friends and family, or blog the photos you tak...

LAJITA MEZCAL - Tequila With Worm : Buy online @ TheDrinkShop.com
LAJITA MEZCAL - Tequila With Worm : Buy online @ TheDrinkShop...

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Charles Shaw

Charles Shaw[wine]
The Ren & Stimpy Show: Buckeroo$! Name:The Ren & Stimpy Show: Buckeroo$!
Catalog:Video Games

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The Charles Shaw winery in the United States is known for its "extreme value" wines produced in California. These wines are currently Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and most recently Shiraz grape|Shiraz varietals, all from California vineyards. They are distributed exclusively by Trader Joe's grocery stores, and in California sell for $1.99. Because of this, the Charles ("Chuck") Shaw wines are affectionately known as ''Two buck Chuck''.Due to the three-tier system, in other states the price ranges up to around $4. The Two Buck Chuck is an example of the recent trend of impoverished wine drinkers seeking the greatest value. These wines have sometimes been rated higher than wines costing more in blind taste tests of college students, but since the composition is constantly changing based on wine and grape sources, it is not especially consistent.

quote Wikipedia - Article - History - License:GFDL

Charles Shaw-Lefevre, Viscount Eversley (1794-1888), Speaker of ...
National Portrait Gallery, list of portraits for Charles Shaw-Lefevre, ViscountEversley including The House of Commons, 1833 (includes George Hamilton Gordon,4th Earl of Aberdeen; Edward Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby; William Ewar...

Charles Shaw
Charles Shaw is the Editor-in-Chief of Newtopia Magazine (www.newtopiamagazine.net).He is an organizer for "www.Nov3.us - No Stolen Elections&q...

DBLP: Charles Shaw
Charles Shaw. List of publications from the DBLP Bibliography Server - FAQ ...1, EE · Soji Yamakawa, Charles Shaw, Kenji Shimada: Layered tetrahedral meshingof thin-walled solids for plastic injection molding FEM...

tim's journal: Bad pricing or bad taste? 2001 Charles Shaw Cab
Those designer dresses worn at the Oscars look pretty silly and we like our CharlesShaw wine because our senses ... here i am! there once was a Charles Shaw wineryin the past, but the wife of Charles Shaw won the rights to th...

Wines & Vines: Charles Shaw and its PR lessons - Bronco Wine Co.'s ...
Full text of the article, 'Charles Shaw and its PR lessons - Bronco Wine Co.'s latest'from Wines & Vines, a publication in the field of Business & Finance, is providedfree of charge by LookSmart's FindArticles ser...

Charles Shaw Prints and Posters at Art.com
Charles Shaw Prints and Posters. Find Charles Shaw Prints and Posters at Art...

COMMENTARY ON THE STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS 3am Magazine Political Editor CharlesShaw offers a blow by blow of MSNBC’s broadcast of the State Of The Republicaddress. By Charles Shaw. COPYRIGHT ? 2002, 3 AM MAGAZINE...

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Pincushion (plant)

Pincushion (plant)[American actor]
Planescape: Torment Name:Planescape: Torment
Manufacturer:Black Isle Studios

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Planescape is what a top down rpg should be. It gives you a tremendous story, and if your not in an rpg for the story you probably should be playing a shooter. Planescape delivers the story and more. The visuals are now a bit dated but not very much so, and the sound quality is still excellent. If you've been looking for an rpg with some heft to it, you will enjoy this one alot. And nowadays its a pretty cheap ride so why not try it?
CustomerReview by amazon


''about 50''
The pincushions (''Leucospermum'') are a genus of shrubs and small trees in the family Proteaceae. The flowers have large numbers of prominent styles, which inspires the name. They are native to Zimbabwe and South Africa, where the 40+ species occupy a variety of habitat (ecology)|habitats, including scrub, forest, and mountain slopes.The Leucosperma are closely related in evolution and appearance to the Australian Banksias.

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Ranunculus[American actor]
A concise and practical treatise on the growth and culture of the carnation,: Pink, auricula, polyanthus, ranunculus, tulip, hyacinth, rose and other flowers; ... and most esteemed varieties of each flower Name:A concise and practical treatise on the growth and culture of the carnation,: Pink, auricula, polyanthus, ranunculus, tulip, hyacinth, rose and other flowers; ... and most esteemed varieties of each flower
Manufacturer:Printed for G. and W.B. Whittaker

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''This article is about the flower. For other definitions, see Buttercup (disambiguation).''
over 400; see text
''Ranunculus'' is a large genus of about 400 species of plants in the Ranunculaceae. It includes the buttercups, spearworts, water crowfoots and the lesser celandine (but not the greater celandine of the poppy family Papaveraceae).They are mostly herbaceous perennials with bright yellow or white flowers (if white, still with a yellow centre); some are annuals or biennials, and a few have orange or red flowers.The Water crowfoots (''Ranunculus'' subgenus ''Batrachium''), which grow in still or running water, are sometimes treated in a separate genus ''Batrachium''. They have two different leaf types, thread-like leaves underwater and broader floating leaves.All ''Ranunculus'' species are poisonous when eaten fresh by cattle, horses, and other livestock, but their acrid taste means they are usually left uneaten. Poisoning can occur where buttercups are abundant in overgrazed fields where little other edible plant growth is left, and the animals eat them out of desperation. The! poisons are degraded by drying, so hay containing dried buttercups is safe.Some species are popular ornamental flowers in horticulture, with many cultivars selected for large and brightly coloured flowers.An old superstition says that if you hold a buttercup under your face, and yellow light is reflected on your face, it means that you like butter.

Partial species list

*''Ranunculus acris'' - Meadow buttercup

*''Ranunculus aquatilis'' - Common water crowfoot

*''Ranunculus arvensis'' - Corn buttercup

*''Ranunculus asiaticus'' - Persian buttercup

*''Ranunculus auricomus'' - Goldilocks buttercup

*''Ranunculus bulbosus'' - Bulbous buttercup

*''Ranunculus ficaria'' - Lesser celandine

*''Ranunculus flamula'' - Lesser spearwort

*''Ranunculus fluitans'' - River water crowfoot

*''Ranunculus glacialis'' - Glacier buttercup

*''Ranunculus lapponicus'' - Lapland Buttercup

*''Ranunculus lingua'' - Greater spearwort

*''Ranunculus peltatus'' - Pond water crowfoot

*''Ranunculus platanifolius'' - Large white buttercup

*''Ranunculus pygmaeus'' - Pygmy Buttercup

*''Ranunculus sceleratus'' - Celery-leaved buttercup

*''Ranunculus repens'' - Creeping buttercup

and many more

quote Wikipedia - Article - History - License:GFDL

Publishers Weekly Cover 2004
RANUNCULUS FLOWER. This concept features a beautiful macro photo of a Ranunculus flower. The warm colors are very energetic and the petals form an interesting circular pattern that creates a nice effect...

The Latin name ranunculus means "little frog". Origin: The Middle East, hencetheir alternative name "Turban ... Family: Ranunculus belong to the Buttercupfamily (Ranunculaceae) and is the cultured cousin of the Marsh Marigold...

PictureQuest: Item Detail
Ranunculus flower, close-up. Photographer: Michele Constantini View License Information. Item Keywords: paa284000015 ranunculus flower close-up stem stems stalk stalks flower flowers ranunculus close-up close shot pink white backgroun...

Ranunculus ficaria @ Flora.cyberia
This page displays a photo of Ranunculus ficaria (Ranunculac...

Dictionary of Plants - Ranunculus
Ranunculus. Genus of about 250 species of herbaceous plants including meadow,woodland, alpine, marsh, and aquatic species. Ranunculus species are found mainlyin northern temperate regions, and include the buttercups, crowfoots...

Ranunculus peltatus - Grote waterranonkel
culus peltatus - Grote waterranonkel | Renoncule pelt?e | Pond water-crowfoot |Schildf?rmiger Wasserhahnenfuss ... Ranunculus peltatus - Grote waterranonkel.Weergaven:. Hiernaast: breed 300 pixels; Groter: zo groot als uw browse...

dotPhoto - View Album - Carlsbad, CA - Flower Fields
Prior to his immigration, Gage had taken a special interest in the beautiful Ranunculus flower, and in particular, the giant strain of Ranunculus ... They would help their father water the flower beds and grow the Ranunculus for ...

Ranunculus aquatilis var. capillaceus
Photos of water buttercup at henry W. Coe State Park, Califo...

In the temperate South and Southwest, planting time is near. Elsewhere, buy tubersnow to plant in February or March by Michael MacCa...

Aquatic and Wetland Vascular Plants
9. Ranunculaceae, the Buttercup Family. 4. Ranunculus L. -- Buttercup, crowfoot.4. Ranunculus flammula L. -- Spearwort ... Family -- Ranunculaceae - The ButtercupFamily Next Species -- Ranunculus gmelinii DC. -- Yellow water-crowfoo...

Wayne Schmidt's Ranunculus Page
They make great cut flowers: A ranunculus flower can last over a week after being cut. With a list of advantages as long as this it makes good sense to plant ranunculuses, so shall we get started? General Ranunculus Growing Techniques...

On Air Story Archive: April 2005
To learn more about the Ranunculus Flower Fields in Carlsbad go to http://www.theflowerfields.com/FFA/ or call their info line at 760-431-0352. Adopt a Pet. Call the "Animal Avengers" at (323) 655-4220 if you are interested in the do...

PictureQuest: Item Detail
Ranunculus flower. Photographer: Michele Constantini View License Information. Item Keywords: paa284000013 ranunculus flower petal petals flower flowers ranunculus close-up close shot pink white background flowering stem stems stal...

Plant Profile for Ranunculus bulbosus (St. Anthony's turnip)
Click on this Photograph of Ranunculus bulbosus (St. Anthony's turnip) to enlarge it Robert H. Mohlenbrock. ... blister flower gowan St. Anthony's turnip. This plant is considered invasive by the authoritative sources noted below...

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Does the child have glomerulonephritis or nephrosis?(Clinical Rounds) : An article from: Pediatric News Name:Does the child have glomerulonephritis or nephrosis?(Clinical Rounds) : An article from: Pediatric News
Release:21 July, 2005
Manufacturer:International Medical News Group

Available for download now


Glomerulonephritis is a primary or secondary autoimmune kidney|renal disease featuring inflammation of the glomerulus|glomeruli. It may be asymptomatic, or present with hematuria and/or proteinuria (blood resp. protein in the urine). There are many recognised types, divided in acute, subacute or chronic glomerulonephritis. Causes are infectious (bacterial, viral or parasitic pathogens), autoimmune or paraneoplastic.

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Behavioral finance

Behavioral finance[Finance]
Behavioral Game Theory : Experiments in Strategic Interaction (The Roundtable Series in Behavioral Economics) Name:Behavioral Game Theory : Experiments in Strategic Interaction (The Roundtable Series in Behavioral Economics)
Release:25 February, 2003
Manufacturer:Princeton University Press

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winner Daniel Kahneman, was an important figure in the development of behavioral finance and economics and continues to write extensively in the field.Behavioral finance and behavioral economics are closely related fields which apply scientific research on human and social cognitive and emotional cognitive bias|biases to better understand economic decision making|decisions and how they affect market prices, PE ratio|returns and the allocation|allocation of resources. The fields are primarily concerned with the rationality, or lack thereof, of homo economicus|economic agents. Behavioral models typically integrate insights from psychology with neo-classical economics|neo-classical economic theory.Behavioral analyses are mostly concerned with the effects of market decisions, but also those of public choice, another source of economic decisions with some similar biases.

quote Wikipedia - Article - History - License:GFDL

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Debt snowball method

Debt snowball method[Finance]
Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) Value Pack Name:Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) Value Pack
Catalog:Video Games
Release:24 March, 2005
Manufacturer:Sony Computer Entertainment

Usually ships in 24 hours

Well first of all I thought the Playstation Portable would be FUN AS F***. I thought the DS was going to be too! BUT THE PSP MADE ME REALIZE THAT HANDHELDS SUCK!!!!!!!!!They are NOT FUN AT ALL! THE PS2 IS WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BETTER THAN ALL THE HANDHELDS. F***.Dam.
CustomerReview by amazon


The debt-snowball method of debt repayment applies best to revolving accounts such as credit cards--* List all debts in ascending order from smallest balance to largest.
* Commit to pay the minimum payment on every debt.
* Determine how much extra can be applied towards the smallest debt.
* Pay the minimum payment plus the extra amount towards that smallest debt until it is paid off.
* Then, add the old minimum payment from the first debt to the extra amount, and apply the new sum to the second smallest debt. Repeat until all debts are paid in full.Some financial advisors suggest a variation of this strategy in which the debts are listed in descending order according to the interest rate that is charged. The idea is to reduce the debts that are growing the fastest in order to minimize the total amount of interest paid. Others recommend paying the debts that cause the most worry or stress.Ultimately, the best choice depends on the situation and outlook of the debtor. Those who are unsure of their ability to stick with the plan may want to pay the smallest debt first, because the thrill of eliminating an entire balance sooner may encourage them to continue. If an interest-free loan from a sibling or parent has gone unpaid for so long that it threatens to destroy a relationship, it would be a logical first choice for repayment.

quote Wikipedia - Article - History - License:GFDL

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Château Lafite-Rothschild

Château Lafite-Rothschild[wine]
Ultimate Paintball Challenge Name:Ultimate Paintball Challenge

This item is currently not available.

Well, when I first got this game, I was happy before taking it out of the box because I knew it would be so much better than the previous paintball games that I played. Ultimate Paintball Challenge puts the F back in fun. I mean, this game is very challenging, since it took me quite awhile just to pass one level. Your team mates are no where near as dumb like in the previous paintball games, because once you tell them to go defend, assult, or follow, they actually do it instead of running into brick walls. I also like the fact that the AI ain't dumb either. They can come right at you from no where and shoot at you like crazy. Even better, you can set how hard it is to get one person out by changing the difficulty levels, but even better, you can determine how many times they need to get shot before they get out which REALLY makes this game worthwhile. Talk about great music to go with the background as well, It actually sounds like your in a warzone in the Military level whi! le you're playing. Plus when your in the Jail level, the music sounds as if someone just broke out of a jail. Each level is also neatly textured, with lots of hidden locations to get several stealth shots in there. The weapons are definently worthwhile, since each weapon gets better and better as you pay more money for them. The paint grenades are very fun to use as well, but they do tend to get thrown in the wrong direction at several points. You can also customize what your team's outfits look like, which is also a great feature in this game.I am quite surprised on how no one really gave this game a good review, cause this game left me on the computer for several hours, and I didn't get tired of it at all. Overall, I really recommend this game to everyone who loves first person shooters, cause Ultimate Paintball Challenge will leave you on the computer for hours.
CustomerReview by amazon

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Market basket

Market basket[Finance]
Fellowes P70CM Crosscut Paper Shredder with Mesh Basket Name:Fellowes P70CM Crosscut Paper Shredder with Mesh Basket

This item is currently not available.

I have the Fellowes shredder #S701CM which looks just like this one.It's the second one I've gotten in the last 4 months.It's fun to use and I love the mesh basket so I can see what I've shredded and the layers of colors.The first one jammed up after a couple of weeks and it was dead.The second one seemed better, but it was probably because I was being more careful. But now it has jammed beyond the point of no return and I'm faced with buying another.As cute as this one is, the other reviews & my own experience are telling me to get real and find something else.The reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 is because I had fun using it, but it reallydeserves only 1 star.=-(
CustomerReview by amazon


''For the New England grocery store chain, see DeMoulas' Market Basket.''The term market basket refers to a specific type of basket (finance)|basket, or a fixed list of items used specifically to track the progress of inflation in an economics|economy or specific market. The list used for such an analysis would contain a number of the most commonly bought food and household items. The variations in the prices of the items on the list from month to month give an indication of the overall development of price trends.

quote Wikipedia - Article - History - License:GFDL

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